Ningbo MOIMOINS Trading Co., Ltd. is a company that offers a diverse range of commercial experiences, combining various formats such as multi-brand clothing, home decor, books,art exhibitions, and creative designs. The company places great emphasis on providing valuable experiences to its customers, and creating new and exciting values in life. By integrating both online and offline elements, the company has been able to streamline its operations efficiently. It has been in business for 16 years since its first clothing brand, Mantoutou, was established. Currently, the company operates four brands (Moimoins Boutique, Dark Space Boutique, The Solide Jewelry Collection Store, and YNKN STUDIO), and has three stores located in commercial areas such as Heyi Avenue, Hankyu Department Store.
Our story
The name "MOIMOINS" is derived from a lyric in the French movie "Les Chansons D'amour", which goes "aime moi moins, mais aime moi longtemps", meaning "love me less but love me longer". This reflects the concept that the company wants to convey.
MOIMOINS is a hub for fashion, culture, art and business, It does not set boundaries for style instead explores the integration and growth of diverse fashion forms in the city, and create more vibrant brand vitality.